Road Markings (Highway Streets and Construction Roads + Unreal Engine Project)


HIGHWAY with Road Markings and STREETS CONSTRUCTION ROADS 127 elements for any game or production of 3GB of content

This is very accurate complete scene of highway with streets. Good mesh topology, very high resolution of road textures, detailed kerbs. There is also bonus scene with all elements separated, as base to create own roads construction 

Construction contains 127 elements:

  • 42 low highway elements plus 4 turns, 
  • 54 middle highway elements plus 4 turns,
  • 15 highway descents,
  • 11 street crossing plus 6 other street fragments, 
  • 11 street crossing plus 4 other street fragments, 

other models:

  • street lamps,
  • traffic lights,
  • road gates with signs,

- street signs

Two versions included:

- Fbx - standard version with standard materials, no light

  • OBJ - standard version with standard materials, no light
  • Road_Elements_Pack.uproject - ue4 full project with lights and materials

Exported formats has no bugs, Uv works correctly. Obviously there is no light in exported formats.


Models made without ngons and to keep polycount as low as possible.

CHECK MATE PRO standard:

  • no isolated or overlapped vertices,
  • no overlapped faces,
  • mostly quads (98,6%)
  • real worlds scale (meters), objects at 100% scale at object level,
  • no extraneous, unnecessary objects etc.
  • grouped, ready to merge into the scene,

Mesh is not intended for subdivision and ready for game dev


Like all our scenes this project is handy to use and easy to modify.

In this product there is no problem with multiplied materials and textures.

Each material has his 'material-sample' object in the scene so you dont have to search and reapply materials. Each object has assigned only one material so there is no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials!

Materials, textures, objects are clearly named in English. Models are separated on layers, very easy to work with.


There are 26 textures in dimensions: 4K and 2K (asphalt), 4K and 2K (asphalt), 4K and 2K(asphalt), 4K and 2K (asphalt), 4K and 2K (asphalt), 4K and 2K (asphalt), 4K and 2K (sidewalk), 4K and 2K (concrete), 4K and 2K, 14K and 2K, 512x512 etc.

FILES IN ARCHIVES see previews here in the scereenshots previews

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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