Powered exoskeleton, prosthesis robot

Exoskeleton For Space, Space, Robot, 3D, Model

- This model is provided as fbx and Max format.
- 3ds max and v-ray scenes are provided.
- Key Shot - file provided.
- Provides full textures for the Exoskeleton Robot, Textures in the resolution of 4096x4096. Enjoy using! :)
- Two types of textures for person in Exoskeleton

FBX, KeyShot, MAX+V-Ray, Other By Request

The impressive machine was invented by engineer Jonathan Tippett, starting with the much smaller Alpha Leg bionic arm that eventually led to the creation of the enormous robot.

The human-controlled Prosthesis bot, backed by Furrion, relies on electro-hydraulics with direct haptic feedback to generate motion.

And, its designed to go head to head with other robots in giant mech races.

The human pilot uses arm movements to drive the robots legs, slipping their own limbs into the robotic exoskeleton at the center of the machine.

It acts as kind of a suit, more than even a robot.

Its very silent - When it walks, you dont really hear it.

The robot can run for 30 minutes to two hours at a time, using a 96V x 20kWh lithium ion battery.

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